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20 for 20: Lessons gleaned—and applied—after two decades of CRANE

September 1, 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Crane MetaMarketing.
We’re lifting a glass to salute our founder,
Patti Crane,
and sharing a bit about all she’s taught us along the way.

Late summer 1996. The Olympics have just wraPatti Crane headshot_2016pped in Atlanta, Georgia, and just north of town, Patti Crane opens Crane MetaMarketing Ltd., the culmination of her already two decades in the educational marketing industry. With CRANE, Patti builds upon her lifelong mission of serving as the transformative reframing partner to independent schools, colleges and universities, and nonprofits.

Twenty years later, CRANE has thrived precisely because we’re first and foremost a learning organization, continually thirsting for new ways of thinking that can, in turn, inform our clients’ thinking. And while this learning ethos began with Patti, over the past two decades it has transferred to everyone who has had the good fortune to call the cranesnest home.

Here’s a glimpse of the work and life lessons we’ve learned from Patti, from our time at CRANE, and on behalf of our clients.

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Patti believes when you find good people to work with, you shape the job around their gifts.

Patti leverages CRANEs as her partners, rather than her employees. She empowers those around her, soliciting questions and welcoming contributions—whatever our job title—to ensure a thoughtful process that arrives at the best solution.

There is great power in team: when each member brings insight and perspective, a good idea advances into brilliance.

Right roles are crucial. When trustees, school administrators, and CRANEs are in their ideal roles—doing what each does best—superb outcomes result.

Trust your gut. If you stray too far from it, remember to circle back and re-look at where you started.

It often takes days, weeks, or months to get to the glorious, final “aha” moment. So celebrate that moment with a big bang on the desk and a loud cheer!

Speak truth—even when it’s hard. One of the wonderful things about working with mission-driven organizations is that they, too, are learning organizations. They don’t shy away from the hard conversations.

If an italic cap F has a slightly different angle than the lower case L—this is unacceptable.

Know your knowables. Some of the greatest insights emerge from deep context. Do your homework and the dots will (almost) connect themselves.

It’s never too late to rethink everything. Don’t close the door on creativity just because you think you’ve “run out of time.” There is always time to get it right.

There is always a third way. When trying to decide between two less-than-optimal options, go back to the beginning. There is always a third path; you just haven’t spotted it yet.

It’s important to learn to not say some things you’re accustomed to saying.

Shoebox it. When you’re working on a complex problem, there are times when you just need to put it in a box and shove it under the bed until you’re ready to tackle it again.

Empathy wins every time—with clients and with colleagues.

Every day presents an opportunity for growth. And then, after those days pile up to form a year, and those years a decade, you’re awestruck at just how far you’ve come.

Don’t be easily offended. You learn far more from a critique if you can appreciatively listen.

Open your eyes, your ears, and your mind, and all you need to solve a problem will be right there in front of you. Now the fun part is putting the puzzle pieces together.

Courage is more than half the battle.

The truth is not so much “out there” (as Fox Mulder might say), but in here—within all of us, individually and collectively. And we must do all we can to bring it out.

Patti squealing with delight over your font selection means you have gained the ultimate affirmation.

Clocks are simply suggested reading. Patti has more clocks and watches than anyone, but don’t be misled: they aren’t tools. They’re accessories.

Using methods somewhat indecipherable, Patti detects the slender, clarifying ray of light where others see only clouds of confusion.

There is no substitute for really good coffee!

Getting to the airport early is for wimps. There’s always another option.

Introverts really run things. We just let y’all loud ones think otherwise.

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Twenty  years ago, we had a Clinton in the White House, a gallon of gas cost $1.22, the Dow Jones surged over 6000 for the first time, the Spice Girls were singing “Wannabe,” Braveheart was Best Picture, and Deep Blue beat Gary Kasparov for the first time.

The more things change. . .

Twenty years later, CRANE continues to learn anew on behalf of our clients, while always remaining true to our founding (and founder’s) vision: that true differentiation emerges from within, that agape, or unconditionality, is the driving force behind transformative partnerships, and that the ultimate aim of the metamarketing process is to distill an institution’s highest shared truth so that prospects convince themselves.

. . . the more they stay the same, after all.

Thank you to all of our clients over these past two decades. Our work is only as good as your amazing institutions. And you inspire us every day.

Oh, and that was technically a 25 for 20. That’s another lesson Patti has taught us. Exceed expectations.


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  1. What a wonderful encapsulation of the transformative power of CRANE, and of Patti’s visionary leadership. Congratulations on the last 20 years, and best wishes for the next!

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