Moving can be an exhausting process–a harsh reality we confirmed a few weeks ago, when we packed up our desks and our snack drawers (not to mention our enormous, commercial-grade printers) and ferried twenty years of accumulated office stuff across the metro area to a new home base. But moving also got our organizational blood flowing a bit faster, so to speak, and sparked a sense of excitement and possibility that has invigorated our new space.

One of the real pleasures of the move was the archeological experience of sifting through our sample closets and our in-house stationery stockpiles. As we leafed through two decades of our own materials–watching as the CRANE nameplate shifted and our origami motif evolved over the years–we were reminded that, for us, change has been a constant. We survive and thrive because we give ourselves room to grow.

But we also stay rooted in a method we trust. As we packed up viewbooks and campaign brochures, we revisited campuses we once walked and remembered clients we’ll always love. We reflected on the thoughtful and intentional process that guided programs of the past–and continues to drive our work today.

It was a good time for a quick history review for us, as we prepared to head in a new direction. It was the right moment to confirm how strong our foundations are and to remember that that we carry those, too, with us wherever we go.

And fortunately, those guiding principles don’t have to be dragged up three flights of stairs on a dolly.

Looking up

Today, we wait for a change in the light. Just two hours south of the path of totality, Atlanta will see an impressive partial eclipse this afternoon. We’re told the moon will blot out more than 90% of the sun’s rays and create a dazzling “diamond ring” effect that our local meteorologists have been hyping for weeks.

It’s impossible to listen to the descriptions of the eclipse—night elbowing its way across an afternoon sky, a steep drop in temperature, the song of crickets at midday—without imagining how startling all this must have all been for people living hundreds or thousands of years ago. No weeks of news coverage, no NASA website to consult, no sales promotions on Moonpies. Just a sudden shift into unexpected darkness.

But for us, the eclipse is a happy event. This afternoon at the office, we’ll have lunch together then step out on the terrace to pass around the few precious pairs of safety glasses we managed to secure.  We’ll watch the skies change and the light shift and for a moment, we’ll all probably feel a little smaller in the grand scheme of things. And the very thing that must have unsettled our ancestors will give us cause to celebrate, to wonder, and to reflect.

That’s the difference preparation makes.

We’re in a season of celebration, wonder, and reflection here at CRANE, which goes well beyond the magic of today’s eclipse. Changes are coming—exciting, energizing changes that we’ve been planning for carefully over the course of several years. We’re ready and we’re thrilled.

And we hope that over the coming days and weeks, our supporters—our friends and families, our creative partners, our colleagues, and our extraordinary clients—will celebrate with us as we unfold all our carefully laid plans.

Please stay tuned.