Good work

More than an excuse to grill hotdogs and break out the croquet mallets, Labor Day is a fine time to ponder, well, labor itself.  It’s a day, first and foremost, for all of us to reflect on the long history of activism and agitation that has secured safe working conditions, living wages, and a quality of life that American workers couldn’t count on two or three generations ago.

Around here, it’s also a moment to remember our own company history. We celebrated our 21st annual Founder’s Day on Friday, marking the day that Patti Crane launched her namesake company in 1996.

And this year, as we steer CRANE through a series of exciting changes, it’s a time to reflect on and draw from the passion we feel for the work we do here on the daily. And the truth is, not one of us would really call it “labor.”

It’s our calling. And it’s a gift.

So this Labor Day, we say thanks to the people who make it possible for us to make a living from what is truly a labor of love:

The institutional leaders who trust us enough to invite us into their schools or organizations to watch and witness, to consult and counsel, and to take part in the stewardship of their own life’s work.

The many students we meet every year, who welcome us into their schools and pile into our conference rooms to answer all our questions with good grace, complete candor, and impressive insights. You light up our days—and, often, kindle our best ideas.

The teachers who, day after day, bring learning alive in the classrooms we visit. With every instance of compassion you model and every moment of understanding you facilitate, you are building a better, brighter, kinder world.

And finally, our creative and business partners, families, and friends who have supported, advised, or otherwise cheered us on through all the thrilling twists and turns of the last few months. Thank you for valuing what we do enough to help us do it in a new way.

To be honest, we’re as ready for a long weekend as anybody. We’ll be kabob-grilling and beach-going and porch-sitting with the best of them. But on Tuesday, we’ll return to the work that challenges and fulfills each one of us, every day.

And that’s worth celebrating.